At RippleMatch, our mission is to connect exceptional companies with top talent from across the country. Our matching algorithm identifies qualified candidates, verifies their interest in your organization, and delivers them directly to you through our platform. However, automated matches are not the only way that RippleMatch can help you reach top talent. 

Through RippleMatch Campaigns, you can create and launch email marketing campaigns targeting students who have demonstrated interest in your company, either by following your company branded page or by responding to outreach about one of your positions. RippleMatch Campaigns can help you raise awareness of on-campus events, share company news, and strengthen your brand with top-tier candidates across the country.

How to create a campaign

First, make sure you have set up your company branded page

Students use branded pages to learn more about your company and opt into receiving outreach through RippleMatch Campaigns. If your company branded page is live, you will be able to see Campaigns in the blue bar on the top of your screen after you log in. Click here and select “New Campaign” to launch your first campaign.

Next, name your Campaign and decide which followers you want to reach.

You can filter campaign recipients based on their graduation year, major, gender, or whether or not they are an underrepresented minority. You can also exclude followers you previously matched with, rejected for a position, or contacted in prior campaigns.

Draft your email.

Be sure to send yourself a test email so that you can see what the email will look like for recipients.

Review campaign details and send!

Before sending, review your campaign name, recipients, and the text of the email itself.

Congrats - you sent your first campaign! 

You will see a record of prior campaigns on the RippleMatch Campaigns home page. We will be releasing more tools to help you manage and target your campaigns soon. In the meantime, please share any questions or feedback you may have with your account manager. If you are not a RippleMatch user yet but you are interested in learning more, request a demo here!

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