Step-by-step instructions for how to integrate roles on RippleMatch with Greenhouse

To integrate your roles on RippleMatch with Greenhouse, you’ll need to do two things: generate a Harvest API key on the Greenhouse API Credentials page, and use that API key to integrate with RippleMatch on the RippleMatch Integrations page. Each step in that process is outlined below. 

Generate your Harvest API key

First, you will need to generate a new Harvest API key specifically for RippleMatch. To do that:

  1. Navigate to the Greenhouse API Credentials page and click "Create new API key". (If you're not already logged in to Greenhouse, log in and paste this into your browser:  

Note: if you do not have the necessary permissions to access the API Credentials page, please contact someone at your company who has full developer and administrative permissions on Greenhouse. Ask them to give you the following permissions on Greenhouse: "Can manage ALL organization's API Credentials." 

2. Enter "RippleMatch” as the API description and select “Harvest” as the API type. 

3. Select the following permissions

  1. Applications

  2. Candidates

  3. Close reasons

  4. Job Posts

  5. Job Stages

  6. Jobs

  7. Rejection Reasons

  8. Sources

  9. Tags

  10. Users

Your page should look like the image below. Then, select Update.

4. Copy your new Harvest API key. Next, you’ll input this Harvest API Key into the integrations page on RippleMatch.

Enter your Harvest API key on RippleMatch

5. Go to the RippleMatch Integrations page by clicking on this link or by selecting ‘Integration’ from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of your RippleMatch homepage.

6. Click 'Sync Account' next to the Greenhouse logo on the Integrations page

7. Copy and paste the Harvest API key that you just generated into the API key box on RippleMatch.

8. Select your name from the dropdown menu containing all Greenhouse users within your company.

9. Match each of your roles on RippleMatch with the corresponding role title on Greenhouse. This will ensure that each position on RippleMatch is mapped to the right opening on Greenhouse.

If you would like to connect multiple roles to your Greenhouse roles, please make sure to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for additional assistance.

10. You're all done! Now, whenever you accept a candidate on RippleMatch, they will show up in the corresponding Greenhouse role. When you move a candidate to the next stage of the interview process or reject a candidate on Greenhouse, we'll know about it too! Please contact your account manager if you have any issues with this process and we’ll be happy to walk through it together.

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