Integrating Lever

In order to set up your Lever integration, you will need to do three things:

  • Generate the API Key in Lever

  • Gather Your Job IDs

  • Integrate in RippleMatch

The steps below will walk you through the process necessary to successfully complete your Lever integration.

Step 1: Generating the API Key

Log in to Lever and navigate to Settings > Integrations and APIs > API Credentials. Under Lever API Credentials, click Generate New Key.

Note: only users with Developer or Admin privileges in Lever and has access to any or all roles will have the correct permissions to generate this API key.

Enter 'RippleMatch' in the Key Name field. Click COPY KEY. Save this API Key for a future step.

Under the Permissions section, check off the following Read Endpoints and Write Endpoints:

  • Read Endpoints: list opportunity applications, read opportunity applications, list archive reasons, list opportunities, read opportunity, read opportunity feedback, list opportunity interviews, read opportunity note, list opportunity offers, list postings, list opportunity resumes, list stages, list users

  • Write Endpoints: list opportunities, read opportunity, create opportunity, read opportunity feedback, upload opportunity file, list opportunity interviews, read opportunity note, list postings, apply to posting, list users

Once you've completed checking off all of the necessary Read and Write Endpoints, click Done.

If you get the below notification, click GOT IT.

Step 2: Gathering Your Job IDs

While you're in Lever, click on Jobs > View Job Site > External Job Site.

Select one of your active roles. Copy and save the Job ID found in the URL. The Job ID will look like a long series of letters and numbers that immediately follow '/Company/XXX'. Please ensure that the entire Job ID is captured. Repeat Step 2 for each of your active roles. Save all of the Job IDs for a future step.

Step 3: Integrate with RippleMatch

Log in to RippleMatch. Click the menu on the top right-hand corner. Click Integrations. Click Other.

Click Configure. Click Lever.

Paste the API Key generated from Step 1. Click Submit.

Once you've successfully entered the API Key, you will see the below confirmation window. Click close window.

Click Save and Continue.

Select a user from the drop down menu. Click Save and Continue.

Note: You will want to select a user that has access to all of your UR roles. If users' names are not populating, you can search by email.

Map the Roles on RippleMatch to your Roles in Lever using the Job IDs found in Step 2. Then click Submit.

Once you've completed these steps, your Lever Integration is all set and you now have a fully functional integration. As always, please reach out to our team if you need any assistance.

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