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Setting Up Your Company Branded Page
Setting Up Your Company Branded Page

How-to guide on setting up the About, Culture, People, and Other sections of your company branded page

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Congratulations, you’re on your way to building your brand and informing qualified candidates why they should choose you! As Gen Z enters the workforce, it's important to convey what sets your company apart. 

We’re here to help you communicate the culture, values, and personality of your company to allow you to truly connect and engage with exceptional entry-level talent by hosting this customizable Company Branded Page.

To get started, take a look at the how-to guide below on creating a compelling company branded page. When in doubt, you can use our page as a reference.

Depending on how much existing branding content you already have, estimated set-up time is about 30 minutes. 

Read this guide top to bottom if you're just starting out or jump to the section you need:
Where to Create/Edit Your Company Branded Page
Inputting Your Company Information and About You Section

Where to Create/Edit Your Company Branded Page

You can access your Company Branded Page dashboard when logged into your RippleMatch account. Click the settings icon (three lines) in the top right-hand corner of your RippleMatch screen and select 'Company' from the drop-down. From here you'll head to a screen that allows you to edit and add content section-by-section.

Inputting Your Company Information and About You Section


Clicking the "Setup guide" button will bring you to this FAQ reference page.
Clicking the "Save and Continue" button will move you forward in the CBP process.

Company Information

Here, you should fill out the basic information on your company such as size, industry, and links to your website and social media. 

You can also connect your company Instagram account to your page and show off your style to prospective employees. To link your Instagram account, please click the "Connect Instagram" button. If you are not already logged into your Instagram, you will be asked to log in. If you are logged into your Instagram account, a prompt will pop up asking you to authorize access to your media and profile info. If you are not logged into the correct Instagram account, please select "Not _____?" to switch accounts before selecting "authorize." 

After logging in, a link to your Instagram username will appear near the bottom of the page along with the account's 10 most recent pictures.

Company Overview

The blurb in this section gives candidates and prospects a high-level overview of your company. Please include a short description (2-6 sentences, 600 characters max) of what your company does. Feel free to use text from your other social profiles or company website. 

Below your high-level overview, please include the locations of headquarters or regional offices.

Main Images

The three main images you should have ready are your logo, a hero image also known as a banner, and a main image.

These images are the first things that candidates see as they look at your Company Branded Page so you want to think of what will showcase your office, people, product, etc.

All images must be in landscape (horizontal) layout. You can also add additional photos for candidates to browse. 

If you need help with formatting your Hero Image, please reach out to


Culture Blocks

You can think of culture blocks as mini-features on your employee value propositions. Videos cannot be directly uploaded to the branded page, and instead, need to be linked from a public Vimeo or YouTube page.
We recommend adding no more than five strong culture blocks to avoid information overload and we recommend a mix of both image and video content to engage the viewer. *People spend on average 2.6x more time on pages with video than without (eMarketer 2017).

Feel free to leverage content from your existing digital brand presence (i.e., the MUSE, Glassdoor), your careers page, and/or recruitment marketing materials. 

The first block should start with a high-level overview of your company culture, values, and personality, and the subsequent ones can be used to dive into specific employee value propositions that you want to highlight. Focus on unique aspects about your team and company that will resonate best with an entry-level audience such as your training and development programs, your incredible HQ, your diverse and inclusive team, and your social impact/mission. According to RippleMatch data, Gen Z cares the most about opportunities for professional development, so be sure to convey how they can grow within your organization.

Think about what truly constitutes an ideal fit for your company and cater to that audience. If you're still not sure of what content to use, our team of copywriters can help. Just let your RippleMatch Account Manager know and we'll get on our team on the job! 

Please note: Each block has a 600-character limit, but it's always best to keep your writing short and sweet. 


Our People

The People section has a visibility toggle, in which it can be displayed or hidden from your Company Branded Page. This section allows you to highlight some of your employees from different areas of the business and lend a voice to their experiences. We recommend selecting 1-4 employees from business areas relevant to the posted roles and with unique stories. 

First Click "Add a Person," and then click "Edit a person" to create a Person profile. After inputting the name, and title, please select one of the question prompts from the Quote Header drop-down. If you don't like the options presented, we'd love to add new, creative prompts, so feel free to ask us to include your ideas! Please ask featured employees for a 2-5 sentence answer for each prompt. After saving, you can then upload a picture of each respective employee by clicking "Upload image."


Entry-level candidates care more and more about the entire package rather than just the salary. It’s important to showcase the unique benefits of working for your team beyond compensation to demonstrate that you value your employees. Please select from our list of perks in the edit perks section and feel free to add a few sentences to add color to your benefits if you’d like. 

This section also has an optional visibility toggle.


This is what candidates will see when exploring companies in our "Discover Companies" section. You can select a photo from your main images or a new image entirely. Please indicate your US Headquarters location and add a quick blurb about your company. This blurb can be your tagline, one-liner, or mission in 100 characters or less. 


This page allows you to decorate your Jobs section of your Company Branded Page, with an image header.


Lastly, there is an Active toggle in settings to make your Company Branded Page Active and open to the public for viewing or InActive. Inactive Company Branded Pages block candidates from following your company and viewing your content. We recommend keeping your Company branded Page Active, especially when there are active roles posted.

Before launching live, our team of copywriters will run a final QC on your page to ensure everything is good to go. If you have additional questions or need advice, feel free to reach out to your RippleMatch Account Manager directly! 

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