Step-by-step instructions for how to integrate with iCIMS

  1. Navigate to your Integrations page, where you'll be able to see a few of the different ATS integrations that we offer.

  2. Click 'Sync Account' next to the iCIMS logo. You will be prompted to enter your iCIMS username, password, user ID, and customer ID. After filling out these fields, click 'Next'.

  3. After your credentials are successfully authenticated by iCIMS, you will be prompted to sync your iCIMS jobs by clicking 'Next'.

  4. Once your iCIMS jobs are synced with RippleMatch, you will be asked to match your RippleMatch roles with the corresponding iCIMS job.  Please note that you will need to sync and match any new role that you add in the future.

  5. The last step to complete the integration is to sync your iCIMS pipeline stages with RippleMatch.  You will need to enter the names of all of the stages in your iCIMS recruiting workflow.  Then click 'Next'.  If you've completed all of the steps correctly, you will see a message indicating a successful integration.

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