After you meet with your Customer Success Manager to discuss your role specifics, they will set up your roles on AutoMatch using the criteria you discussed. You will have a custom algorithm for each role that matches you with candidates who meet your pre-determined qualifications and are looking for opportunities like yours, using ~300 data points.

You and your Customer Success Manager will discuss qualifications including class year, work authorization status, majors, internship and work experiences, leadership of clubs and on-campus organizations, skills, and more.

Our algorithm then combs through our database of students and finds those who meet those qualifications, while screening out anyone who doesn’t meet hard-filtered requirements.

Candidates who match your requirements automatically receive an email from RippleMatch that provides information about the opportunity and about your company. If the candidate is interested, they are sent to your feed on RippleMatch for review.

The data points that will encompass your algorithm are highlighted below!

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