There are five different icons you might see in the upper right hand corner of a candidate card.

The primary icon you will always see is the large green icon with the number in the middle, which indicates a candidate’s RippleMatch Fit Score. Fit Scores are assigned to candidates by RippleMatch’s algorithm to indicate which students are the best fit for your role. For example, if you were to see the Fit Score below, that would tell you the candidate is a 95% “fit” based on the predetermined qualifications associated with your role.

The other smaller icons you may see indicate specific attributes about a candidate to help you evaluate them. If you hover your cursor above an icon, you’ll be able to see the specific meaning of each tag. Additionally, the icon significance is as follows:

  • Blue Icon: Tells you that a match self-identifies with one or more underrepresented groups. Hovering your cursor above the icon will let you see the specific diverse groups (e.g. URM information, female, LGBTQ, first generation college student, veteran, disability, or financial aid recipient) the candidate self-reported.
  • Green Checkmark Icon: Indicates a candidate is authorized to work within the United States and will not need sponsorship.
  • Blue and Orange Trophy Icon: Tells you a candidate is a student athlete.
  • Orange Fire Icon: Indicates a candidate is trending, or matching with a number of other companies on RippleMatch, and helps you know which candidates you should act on quickly.

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