RippleMatch helps companies fill openings at locations nationwide! No matter where your offices are located, we’ll work with you to find candidates from universities across the country.

Candidates will express interest in a location in a few ways:

  1. As a candidate fills out a profile on RippleMatch, they tell us which areas of the country they’re interested in working.

  2. When we reach out to candidates about an opportunity, we include the location(s) in the marketing email.

  3. Most importantly, we ask candidates to confirm if they’re willing to relocate to your specific location through the screening questions, so you’ll never see a match who has indicated they don’t want to be considered for an opportunity in that location.

  4. If a role has more than one location, a candidate will be able to multi-select and sometimes rank which location(s) they are able to relocate to, respective of the opportunities available at each location.

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