On each candidate’s RSVP card, you will be able to see a variety of different data points on the candidate.

At a minimum, you will find a candidate’s:

  • Name

  • School

  • Major

  • GPA

  • Work authorization status

  • Responses to any required questions you added to the RSVP page

Additionally, about 90% of candidates choose to fill out optional fields including:

  • Resume

  • Self-reported diversity data

  • Information about their values and personality

  • Links to their LinkedIn, personal website, and/or GitHub

After the event, you’ll also be able to see whether or not the candidate attended, which will be automatically tracked if a candidate checks in through a link/QR code provided by RippleMatch or can be tracked manually by your team. You can also assign whether or not a candidate is a good fit for your company with the Candidate Fit drop-down options.

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