There are a few ways attendees can check-in to your event:

  1. Candidates who click the Join Event button from their RSVP confirmation email or RSVP reminder email at the time of the event will automatically be taken to the web conference and marked as attended. You can also use this feature in any additional emails you send by using the tag {{join_event_button}}.

  2. You can share a check-in link ( with the event code and/or a QR code with candidates at the beginning of the event, which they can use to check-in. To find these links, click View Check-in Instructions on your internal event page. For virtual events, you can share the check-in instructions on your screen during the event.

When candidates check-in, they will login through their existing RippleMatch account or by creating a streamlined profile at the time of check-in.

Candidates who have been automatically or manually checked-in will then have a check mark notated on their candidate card next to Attended Event.

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