Automated Emails for Events for Attendees
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RippleMatch helps with automating some communications in regards to your Event.

Before the event, if automated reminders feature is toggled on, there are two automated email reminders that are sent:

  • 24 hours before the event

  • 15 minutes before the event

These emails are sent by RippleMatch but are from the Recruiter that set the event up to make it more personalized. There is no setup needed for these emails, they are a standard template that allows the attendee to gain access to the event.

Pro Tip: If you're hosting a virtual event, make sure you check the URL 48 hours before the event to make sure it is the correct URL. Whatever is in that field will be sent to your attendees for these reminders.

After the event, attendees that do not have RippleMatch accounts will receive an email after the event.

There is no setup necessary for this email, it is from the RippleMatch team tailored to have information about the Event they attended. With full profiles, your team will have access to more information about the Candidate like those with a full RippleMatch account.

If you do not wish for attendees to be prompted to set up a full account, let your Customer Success Manager know.

Read more about what information you will see on a candidate card of someone with a RippleMatch account here.

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