There are two ways to invite candidates to your events:

  1. Invite any candidate using your event link.
  2. Source candidates through RippleMatch.

For either option, head to the specific event you’d like to invite candidates to and click the Invite Candidates button. A pop-up will appear, showing both options.

Clicking Copy Event Link will allow you to then paste the link in any relevant communication, whether you’re sharing the information with candidates via email, through Handshake, through campus career services, with candidate pools in your ATS or CSM, or through any other channel. This will be the primary way to drive the majority of the event attendance.

Clicking Source Candidates will take you to a new section of the RippleMatch platform where you can define your source algorithm, review great-fit RippleMatch candidate profiles, and send them an email inviting them to RSVP for your event. This should be the secondary source for candidates and is designed to supplement volume rather than act as the primary option.

Additionally, if you set your event to Public, candidates will be able to find your events listed on your Company Branded Page on RippleMatch.

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