In addition to inviting candidates to apply to your roles through Source, you can also invite them to events you’re managing through RippleMatch’s Events tool. Begin by heading to the "Events" section at the top of your screen.

After creating the event, you will notice the "Source" button right next to the "RSVPs" button. Once you click that, you will be prompted to complete the algorithm for this event. When that is created, the algorithm with define your search criteria.

The algorithm will generate students who are a good fit based on those qualifications.

To invite specific candidates, click the "Invite to Event" button. A new modal will appear for you to send an email to the candidate, inviting them to RSVP to your event. You can customize the email or use the pre-populated template. The tag {{application_webhooks}} will automatically include a button for the candidate to RSVP for the event through RippleMatch.

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