If you are sourcing for your open roles through our Source tool, begin by clicking the "Source" button within the role that you'd like to find candidates for.

invite to interview template
  1. Off the bat, Source will begin to use your Automatch algorithm as a baseline and generate students who are a good fit based on those qualifications.

    You can use the Filter feature with Source as well if you want to expand those baseline filters.

  2. When you see a candidate you would like to invite to interview for your role, click "Invite to Interview" on a candidate card.

A new modal will appear for you to send an email to the candidate, telling them about your opportunity and that you would like them to apply to the role, and asking them to indicate their interest.

You can customize the email by coordinating with your Customer Success Manager, or use the pre-populated template. The tag {{application_webhooks}} will automatically include a button for the candidate to apply for the role through RippleMatch so be sure to leave that unedited.

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