You’ll see all the information you’d like to know about a candidate when reviewing them for an interview!

When RippleMatch users sign up for the platform, they fill out a variety of data points to complete their profile. Each candidate has a candidate card displaying their information.

The candidate card includes:

  • highlights from their resume (contact information, school, graduation date, majors, GPA, work and internship experiences, leadership experiences from clubs and organizations, skills, etc.)

  • access to their resume itself (each candidate has to upload a resume to create an account)

  • candidates will indicate their work authorization status and whether or not they’ll need sponsorship

  • many students upload their LinkedIn profiles and photos.

  • EEO - about 90% of candidates also choose to include their self-reported diversity data, values, and personality traits.

  • RippleMatch also learns what kinds of opportunities and companies candidates are looking for in their own job or internship search.

All of this information is displayed in a consistent manner, making scanning candidate cards a breeze.

If you would like to view a candidate’s resume, you can click on "Resume" on the right-hand side of the candidate card.

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