AutoMatch is an automated sourcing tool that matches you with qualified, interested candidates for your open opportunities.

Using our AutoMatch tool means that RippleMatch handles all of the marketing outreach, screens candidates for your pre-determined qualifications, presents you with candidates who have confirmed interest in your opportunity and sends the candidates you’re excited about directly into your interview process.

Source is the manual way to search through our talent pool.

With the help of our system, you can proactively source your own candidates using custom filters. You will define your search criteria to trigger our technology to generate candidates who are a good fit based on those qualifications. You can then reach out to candidates you like with the click of a button to invite them to apply to your open roles or to an upcoming event. Additionally, you can customize these emails to get candidates interested in your opportunity and encourage them to apply.

You can use AutoMatch and Source together if you're looking to expand your search for candidates. In the instance you want to adjust your Algorithm for your Role to match candidates you're finding through Source, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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