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How does RippleMatch grow its network of users?
How does RippleMatch grow its network of users?
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RippleMatch has a few ways of getting students to sign up and create a profile.

First, we form partnerships with diverse student-run clubs and organizations on college campuses to spread the word and create profiles.

Second, we have an awesome team of student ambassadors who intern with RippleMatch each semester and bring new candidates onto the platform. These ambassadors present RippleMatch to their Gen-Z classmates and do peer-to-peer marketing with groups and organizations to get other students to join the RippleMatch network.

Third, we have a steady stream of organic sign-ups by Gen Z job seekers who hear about us via word of mouth on campus or online.

Do you work with Career Services and want more information about partnering with RippleMatch so your students and alumni can be matched with job opportunities? Let's talk! Fill out this form and we will be in touch.

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