If you’re attending a school’s career fair and they are hosting the event on another platform, such as Handshake or Symplicity, you will use their systems to collect RSVPs and run the video conference. Then, you can use RippleMatch to handle check-ins, follow-ups, and data tracking!

Here are the steps you’ll need to take:

First, create an event on RippleMatch that mirrors the event details of the career fair. You can leave out the video conferencing link, as you will use the video conferencing connected to the school’s preferred platform. Instead, write “N/A” in the "Link to Web Conference" field. Set the Event Status to “private” and the Automated Reminder Emails to "off" since the school is collecting RSVPs.

Next, if the school's preferred provider is handling RSVPs, there’s no need to share your RippleMatch event link with candidates before the career fair. All candidates for the career fair will RSVP through their school’s career services platform.

Once you have your desired RSVPs for your event, proceed with hosting your event through the school’s provided conferencing link as usual.

As the career fair is beginning, open up your event on RippleMatch and pull up your check-in instructions. You can click the “Check-in instructions” button from your event management page and prepare to share this screen with your attendees.

At the beginning of each career fair session, share your screen displaying the check-in instructions on RippleMatch and ask candidates to scan the QR code or enter the web link on their phones. This will bring them to a check-in page, where they can provide their information on the spot. If multiple recruiters on your team are attending the same career fair or hosting a separate session, you can all share the event check-in QR code and link simultaneously without any issues.

If the candidate already has a RippleMatch profile, they can click a button to be automatically checked in. If they do not have a RippleMatch profile, they will fill out a one-minute sign-up form to enter their basic information and check-in as an attendee for the event. The check-in process is very user-friendly, quick, and easy!

Post-event, you have the option to use the school’s preferred event management system to send an email campaign to all of your attendees. In this email, you should share the same check-in QR code and link with the whole group after the career fair to ensure all of your attendees have checked-in. Again, this step is optional, but can help you make sure that you're capturing any candidates who potentially did not check in as you shared your screen during the event.

Once attendees check-in to your career fair through RippleMatch, you will have all of their information in your event management page on RippleMatch! From there, you can send any communication or applications to your attendees through RippleMatch Events as usual.

Having students check-in to your event through RippleMatch during the career fair will ensure you collect all of the data for your attendees, allow you to follow up with them afterwards with a job application or email, track analytics, and keep all data from events in the same place so that you can use that information retroactively.

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