If you are attending a career fair where the school is using a third-party platform to collect RSVPs (or otherwise need to host an event off-platform), you can still Source candidates on RippleMatch!

First, be sure to set up your event using the steps described in this setup guide.

Once you’ve set up the event appropriately, head to your event management page and click the "Invite" button. A modal will appear displaying the two options for inviting candidates. Click the Source Candidates button.

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That button will take you to the Source section of the platform. From there, you can edit your algorithm to filter for the types of candidates you’re looking for, the same way you would for any other event.

When you see candidates you’d like to invite to your career fair or event, click the Invite (or Auto-Invite) button. Then, select and delete the entire email template that we provide, including the {{source_webhooks}} tag. From there, include your own messaging informing the candidate of the upcoming event and include the RSVP link to the event supplied by the third-party system.

After removing {{source_webhooks}}, you will see text below the message in red that says “Missing tag: {{source_webhooks}}. Add {{source_webhooks}} so candidates can accept your invitations!” That’s okay! As long as you’ve included the external RSVP link in the body of your emails and turned off your auto-emails when creating the event, this system will work smoothly.

By doing this, candidates will receive your message and be able to register for your event on the third-party system.

You won’t see those RSVPs tracked on RippleMatch before the event, but during the event itself, you’ll be able to check candidates in on RippleMatch and will see their data reflecting them as an attendee as usual.

From there, you’ll be able to follow up with emails, invite them to apply to your open positions, and review full analytics from that event.

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