Yes! When using Source, you have the option to send Auto-Invites, which send the same message to a number of students at once. You can send up to 100 automated invitations per role or event.

To send Auto-Invites, first select the job or event you’d like to invite candidates to apply or RSVP to, and set your algorithm to define your search criteria.

When you’re ready to invite candidates, click the blue Auto-Invite button, select the number of candidates you’d like to invite, and click the Next button. You’ll then see a template pre-written by RippleMatch that has the relevant information for your event or role, which will direct candidates to either apply or RSVP if they are interested. You can customize this email template, if you’d like.

Once you’re happy with the message, click Send! Candidates will receive your email, giving them the chance to opt-in to your opportunities or events the same way they would if you sent individual invites.

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