To download a candidate’s resume, find their candidate card and hover your cursor over the three dots in the upper right hand corner of their card. A dropdown menu will appear and you can select 'Download Resume.'

You also have the option to download a candidate’s full portfolio, which includes the candidate’s self-reported diversity data, values, personality traits, and responses to your supplemental questions, in addition to their resume. To download that version, find the same dropdown menu located in the upper right hand corner of the candidate card and click 'Download Portfolio.'

See the pictures below for an example of a portfolio download!

You can also download all resumes or portfolios of candidates currently in your AutoMatch feed by clicking the Candidate Documents button in the upper right hand corner of your feed for a particular role. That option will send all candidates’ documents (either resumes or portfolios, based on your selection) directly to your inbox.

Similarly, you can send portfolios of specific candidates to your inbox by toggling the green button above the Fit Score on individual candidate cards and then clicking the blue arrow next to Clipboard.

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