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I've submitted an application, now what?
I've submitted an application, now what?
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For some context, RippleMatch is here to help get your profile in front of recruiters and facilitate that original connection! We do not get further insight into the interview process once the company has invited you for an interview. Let's dig into the steps leading up to a possible Connection.

Once you submit an application here is what our process looks like:

  1. You apply via RippleMatch

  2. RippleMatch reviews your profile and responses to the questions on the application

  3. After our team reviews your application we send it over to the recruiter

  4. We may ask you to fill out additional information and you will get that response via email

  5. You and the recruiter take it from there!

    1. RippleMatch is here to facilitate the initial connection, the Company should reach out to update you about the next steps.

You should hear back from companies in 2-8 weeks. While we recommend that companies get back to you as soon as possible, ultimately each company has its own workflow and timeline

Luckily we keep track of all your applications for you!

Go to the “Applied” tab to see all the applications and the dates you submitted them. If you have not heard back after 4 weeks please let us know by emailing

Go to the “Action Needed” tab to see any applications that may require additional information

Go to the “Connected” tab to see any applications where RippleMatch connected you to the recruiter

When you're in the Connected stage, the recruiter becomes your point of contact! You’ll see their name and email on your match card (pictured above) so you can follow up with them for updates on your application.

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