Think of this question as your cover letter - these 3-5 sentences are your chance to show recruiters why you are interested in that specific position, with that specific company. We recommend highlighting your strengths in relation to the role description, talking about why the company is a great fit for you, why the company should interview YOU, etc.

Here are some examples of great interest statements below:

"I'm looking to gain lots of real-world experience and exposure to new things, and this role seems to offer all of that. It looks like based on the description that I would be learning to use a lot of new tools and have the chance to work with other software engineers and professionals who can help me develop new skills that will benefit me long-term."

"The unique mix of a fast-paced, progressive culture with a proven standard of excellence in identifying technology as a business advantage is a combination that really excites me. This opportunity would provide an environment where I would be continually challenged as a software engineer while also learning a great deal from working hand-in-hand with professionals."

"As a curious, driven individual with strong analytical thinking and interpersonal skills this position would allow me to combine my passions and grow within a company that follows a customer-first mindset and fuses creativity, innovation, and business so seamlessly. This company encourages continuous learning which makes this role a first-rate opportunity to further my skills and learn. This role appeals to me because I am looking for an opportunity that lets me exercise my skills with analytics and customer service. I feel this position will allow me to succeed and grow tremendously because my leadership skills, detail-oriented mindset, and experience with Microsoft Office would allow me to thrive in a dynamic environment. This position fits perfectly with my skill set and how I’m looking to grow in my career."

Hopefully this helps! If you have more specific questions about this, feel free to reach out to your Candidate Manager, Brennan, at

Note: If your answers are less than 3 sentences, your application will not be considered and we will email you to update the question.

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