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What is the best way to answer "Why are you interested in this company"?
What is the best way to answer "Why are you interested in this company"?
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Think of this question as deeper insight into what a recruiter can't read on your resume like the research you've done on the role and their company.

These 3-5 sentences are your chance to show the recruiters you understand:

  • The role and its requirements

  • Your skills and how they fit the requirements

  • The company and their mission/goals

  • Your excitement about the opportunity

  • Why you're the best person for the job

Pro Tip: Try writing a sentence or two about each of these bullets, then edit it into a curated paragraph. Save each edited paragraph you write in a word processing document, labeled by job title and you may not have to start from scratch next time.

You want to take the time to show recruiters that you're interested in that specific position with that specific company. We recommend highlighting your strengths in relation to the role description, talking about why the company is a great fit for you, why the company should interview YOU, etc.

While we can't give you an example of the perfect answer to this question (because they are all going to be very unique to the role, company, and you) we do have some resources that will be helpful while writing this statement:
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5 Tips for a Standout Cover Letter

Note: If your answers are less than 3 sentences, your application will not be considered and we will email you to update your answer to the question.

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