First, argh, bummer. We are sorry you aren’t having any luck on RippleMatch yet.

Second, we want to help you! Have you made sure your profile is completely up to date with your complete list of experiences and interests uploaded? Your profile is going to be the key for employers reaching out to you.

Finally, please remember that while employers hire for all types of jobs through RippleMatch, it’s less common to discover jobs in certain industries (nursing, architecture, entertainment, music) than common corporate jobs (HR, Financial Analyst, Software Engineer, etc). That being said, RippleMatch is working hard to expand the number and variety of opportunities available on our platform, so even if we can’t help you find your dream job right now, it can still be a good idea to sign up and create your profile so that you can get notified of future opportunities.

Note: If you are a first-year student, then you’ll mostly be receiving invitations to events or newsletter content as most of the roles on our platform require students to be at least a sophomore.

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