When you market your event opportunities across different platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, email campaigns, schools' career services), you can use a different RSVP link for each source, these are Tracking Links. This will enable you to track which sources your RSVPs come from.

To create a Tracking Link for an event, navigate to the event management page and select the event you will be creating a tracking link for. On the even page, click the "Links" button.

event page with links button highlighted

Then, create a new link or copy an existing one and share that link with candidates through your social media platforms or email campaigns. Any candidate who RSVPs to your event through your Tracking Link will be attributed to that candidate source.

tracking link window listing all existing tracking links

Each Tracking Link you create has two categories of information: a Channel and a Campaign. Use Channels to measure the relative impact of common candidate sources (e.g. LinkedIn) and use Campaigns to add specificity to your Channel (e.g. In-mail outreach vs. post). This will allow you to better understand which of your Channels and messaging Campaigns are leading to event attendees in your analytics.

When candidates RSVP, you'll find them in your event management page with a tag correlating with which source they came from!

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