Location is definitely an important factor when considering an opportunity. With that in mind, here are a few important details to know about our matches!

  • “Various” Location Option: There are multiple roles that have “various” locations which typically means nationwide, and as a result, gives you the chance to decide exactly where you want to live. You’ll be prompted to list out your preferences in the preliminary application or during your interview process with the recruiter.

  • Paid Opportunities and Other Financing Perks: All opportunities via RippleMatch are paid, and some offer housing stipends or the company can help you with housing logistics. As a college student, I totally understand that finances could be tight. Being aware of these resources are crucial when making a decision, so I encourage you to apply, and as you progress through the interview process, get these questions answered!

  • Being Flexible is Key: Although not feasible for everyone, the more flexible you are with location, the easier it will be to score that ideal opportunity. Here is an article that showcases some awesome companies in affordable, less known cities.

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