Setting Up Your Role Preferences
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Here at RippleMatch, our main goal is to take the heavy-lifting out of your job search and provide you with opportunities you're qualified for and are interested in!

There are many different factors that go into our matching process but we use a combination of your graduation date, major, GPA, and career interests to match you with opportunities that fit your goals.

To edit your preferences for role matching, log into RippleMatch then you'll be directed to your For You page. This is where a ton of your pre-qualified opportunities will live!

If you want to update your profile or preferences, click the Profile button on the bottom left corner of the page.

After navigating to the profile section, make sure that your profile is up to date! If your graduation date, GPA, or experiences have changed, we want to know so we can match you with the best opportunities for you.

To get to Career Preferences, scroll down to the preferences section and select careers. From there, choose whatever careers align with your interests and press save.

Pro Tip: Even though some opportunities may not meet all your requirements, it's sometimes worth checking them out regardless, especially if the role meets at least 60% of what you're looking for!
Choosing the right role for you and your needs is very important but also having an understanding of the skills you can and will gain from an opportunity is also a crucial factor!
​Remember: You never know where an opportunity can take you and it certainly will not be your only job throughout your career.
So while you may see some opportunities that are outside of your career preferences, don't worry, we will still only send you roles you are qualified for and you can always skip those you aren't interested in to fine-tune the opportunities we send your way.

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