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Public vs. Private Roles in the Role Settings
Public vs. Private Roles in the Role Settings
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While setting up your roles in RippleMatch you have the option to make them Public or Private.

Setting a role to “Public” posts that role publicly to our network on your Company Branded Page (CBP). This allows candidates to discover the role and apply directly on the page.

“Private” roles will not appear on your public Company Branded Page.

Regardless if a role is “Public” or “Private,” you are still able to receive AutoMatch candidates, proactively source candidates, and directly send applications for that role to candidates.

You can adjust the settings for each role by clicking the pencil icon at the top-right corner of the role.

Then, head to the "visibility" section and toggle the role to be either "Public" or "Private."

If the role is toggled to "Public," you will find it on your company branded page under “Featured Jobs”.

If candidates choose to apply, you will find them under your AutoMatch role, tagged as an “Organic” rather than “AutoMatched”.

Please note: You will only receive matches for roles included in your AutoMatch package, set up by your Customer Success Manager.

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