Tracking links are a free feature included with all RippleMatch subscriptions. Tracking Links enable you to connect other job boards and applicant channels to RippleMatch. Connecting other job boards and channels to RippleMatch provides several benefits:

  • Centralizes your applicant review process on RippleMatch, saving you time

  • Enables you to view RippleMatch Analytics on candidates who apply through other channels, including race/ethnicity, gender, LGBTQ, veteran status, first generation college students, and U.S. work authorization

  • Provides RippleMatch fit scores on more candidates making it easier to prioritize top candidates and screen out bad fits

Below, you'll see an example of what analytics will look like for different sourcing channels.

What do candidates see when I implement Tracking Links?

Below is a summary of what the Candidate Flow looks like for students applying through a RippleMatch tracking link.

How do I create or add a Tracking Link?

In order to create a Tracking Link from either LinkedIn Facebook, Handshake, Instagram, etc., first select the role you'd like to work with from the "Roles" tab at the top of your screen.

Then, click the little chain icon in the top-right corner. You will see the Tracking Links pop-up appear. You can select from the already available tracking links, or, if you'd like to create a new one, select "Add new Tracking Link" in the top right corner. Then, select from the drop-down menus what channel/source the link will be tracking.

Once you have access to your Tracking Link, copy and paste it into whichever sourcing channel, job listing, LinkedIn post, etc. that you would like to track!

And that's it - you will now be able to see candidates coming in from multiple sources!

To find out what source a specific candidate comes from, pay close attention to the tag on their candidate card. The candidate below, Kyle, was AutoMatched, so the tag next to his name says "AutoMatch". Different sourcing channels will have different tags!

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