What is Application Sorting?

Centralizing your applicant review process on RippleMatch creates an easy interface for filtering through a high volume of candidates, easily disqualifying and communicating with candidates who don't meet your criteria, and gathering in depth analytics on the top of your applicant funnel. You'll save time by reviewing all candidates in one system while still providing candidates a streamlined application experience. Using this process, candidates will find your applications on your careers page as usual and be redirected to complete the steps for an initial application by submitting their data on RippleMatch.

You can see what the process would look like for candidates searching for jobs on your careers site and applying for a job through RippleMatch in the video below.

How to Set Up Application Sorting: Connecting your Careers Page with RippleMatch

Setting this up is easy, and you can follow the steps below to complete your installation:

  1. To start, speak with your Customer Success Manager or Solutions Architect, and connect them with the IT Admin on your team who manages your careers site. From there, the RippleMatch team will send your IT Admin contact a line of Javascript called a Snippet. The Snippet will look something like this:

    <!-- RippleMatch job sync -->

    <script src="https://ripplehostedjs.s3.amazonaws.com/jobSync.xxxxxxx.js"</script> <script>window.RippleJobSyncClient({apiKey: "xxxxx"});


  2. Your IT Admin can simply copy and paste this Javascript into the HTML body of your careers site. Your IT Admin should also install the Javascript in the body of each page where your applications appear to complete installation. For example, if your applications for internships appear on both your general careers site and your university page, you'll need to install the Snippet on both pages.

  3. Once the Snippet has been installed, send the RippleMatch team the URLs or application links for all roles that you'd like to connect with RippleMatch. The RippleMatch team will use these URLs to link the roles on your careers site with your respective roles on the RippleMatch platform, ensuring that only the applications you've selected will redirect applicants through RippleMatch.

Complete these easy steps and you're done! The entire installation process is simple and should take you and your technical contact roughly 5 minutes to complete.

Troubleshooting your Snippet

Applications not redirecting to RippleMatch? Having issues with your Snippet? No problem. We've listed out a few actions that you can take to troubleshoot on your own below.

  • Make sure that the snippet has been properly copied and pasted into the HTML body of your careers page exactly as it was written by the RippleMatch team. Small characters like additional brackets, apostrophes, or semicolons would cause the Snippet issues with redirecting.

  • The Snippet must be installed on all pages where the job postings that you are redirecting appear. If your applications are successfully redirecting to RippleMatch from one page, but notice that applications for the same roles are not redirecting on other pages, this is likely the issue that you're facing. To solve this, have your IT Admin install the Snippet by copying and pasting the same Javascript line into each page where the postings you'd like to redirect appear.

  • If you are using Google Tag Manager to track activity across your site or applications, you will likely experience issues installing your Javascript and may need a more custom solution. If this applies to you, contact your Customer Success Manager or Solutions Architect for assistance.

If you've tried these solutions and are still having issues, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Solutions Architect for additional support.

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