For events that are hosted by a third party (i.e., you are registering for it and not hosting it yourself), you are not responsible for inviting candidates to the event; you are using RippleMatch to track and manage candidates you meet in the moment. This event will not be seen by students as they will not be RSVPing ahead of time.

  1. Input the Name of the Event (tip: include the school's name).

  2. You can leave the Description blank by simply inputting any characters or a space.

  3. Set the Date and Time of the event (important to include the correct start and end times. If unknown, set it 8:00am – 10:00pm).

  4. Event Type can be toggled to be either virtual or in-person. No link or address will be shared with students as it will be hosted/coordinated by the third party, so you can enter any full link ( or hard address.

  5. Skip Questions Section.

  6. Skip Speakers Section.

  7. Set Visibility to ‘Private’.

  8. Add any Cover Photo.

  9. Set the Event Owner.

  10. Keep Event RSVP Limit set to ‘No’.

  11. Set Automated Reminder Emails set to ‘Off’.

  12. Submit!

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