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Navigating to a Specific Event
Navigating to a Specific Event
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  1. To Navigate to your Events page, locate Events in the blue navigation bar at the top of your screen.

  2. To view Events that are upcoming or happening now, they will be located in the Events section of the Events page.

  3. To review past Events, those are located in the Previous section of the Events page

  4. To access the information in any of these events, select the "View Event" button.

    This button will take you to the event management page for your specific event. If you’re at a career fair hosted by a school or group, you likely will not see any RSVPs before the event. That’s okay! For these events, you are not responsible for inviting students to the event.

    Remember, you are using RippleMatch to track and manage candidates you meet in the moment. Attendees will check-in during the event itself and later be tracked through this page.

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