When you have an in-person event, you have three Check-in options: (1) Check in candidates yourself, (2) Candidates check themselves in, or (3) Candidates to check in using this device. You can access these options from the "Check-in Center" on the event page.

To check in a candidate yourself using your own device, select the "Check in Candidate myself" option and follow the prompts on the screen as you're speaking with the candidate. At a minimum you will need their Email Address, First Name and Last name. If you'd like you can take a photo of their resume, or add in any other information, however it is not required.

To have candidates check in on their own device (cell phone), select the "Candidates to check in themselves" option open the unique code for your specific event. You can ask candidates to scan on their phone.

You can take a screen shot of this ahead of time and print it out, make it the background on your phone, or find other unique ways to share this with a candidate you meet. Candidates will use the QR code or link to complete a 15 second sign-up! This step is essential to collecting candidates’ data so that you can later track analytics, follow up with emails or job applications, and keep all data from your events in one place.

The additional options available for an in-person event are checking in candidates using your own device:

  • If you select "This device", you will be logged out of your account and a secure check-in page will appear for candidates to check in on your device.
    💡 This would be suggested if you are passing around a tablet/iPad for candidates to check in on while they wait to meet you or if you are leaving a device on a table that you are not holding in your hands.

  • If you select "Other device", a QR code will appear that you can scan from the device you would like to pass around to candidates to check themselves in on.
    💡This is not a QR code that you will share with a candidate to scan. You will use this QR Code to pull up a secure check-in screen on your own device before you pass it around to candidates.

check-in center screen with options on how candidates can check in for both in-person and virtual events

The same options available for virtual event check-in are also available for an in-person event. Head to this article on how you can check in attendees or how they can check-in themselves.

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