To check in candidates for an in-person event, you have a few options to choose from in the "Check-in Center" on the event page.

The additional options available for an in-person event are checking in candidates using:

  • If you select "This device", you will be logged out of your account and a secure check-in page will appear for candidates to check in on your device. This would be suggested if you have a set of tablets/iPads for students to use.

  • If you select "Other device", a QR code will appear, and candidates can scan the QR code to check in on their own device.

check-in center screen with options on how candidates can check in for both in-person and virtual events

The same options available for virtual event check, are also available for an in-person event. Go to this article on how you can check in candidates or how they can check-in themselves.

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