After your event, you have multiple options for how you can follow up with a candidate. You can bulk send students a customized email, or you can invite them to apply specific application that you have posted on RippleMatch based on their background. You have access to the full set of filters to segment out certain students for targeted communication/next steps. Once you have set your filters, you can "Select All" and then can either send them to an application or an email.

OPTION 1: Select "Send Email" to customize the email that will be sent to students.

OPTION 2: Select "Send Application", and then from the dropdown select the specific role that you would like to invite them to apply to on RippleMatch and customize the language in the email that is sent to them.

Tip: Selecting one individual application that aligns with the student's background results in a higher application rate than sending them to a general careers page!

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