For events that are hosted by you, please follow the below steps:

  1. Input the Name of the Event (tip: make it creative and capture the purpose of the session).

  2. Write a Description that includes a few sentences about your company and what the event itself will entail so that students know what they are signing up for.

  3. Set the Date and Time.

  4. Event Type can be toggled to be either virtual or in-person. For a virtual event, include the link to the web conference platform that you will be using and any Instructions such as a password required to join (i.e., Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx, Google Meets). For an in-person event, include the physical street address.

  5. Add in any Questions that you might want students to answer ahead of time (tip" skip this section unless it is important for your event).

  6. Build out profiles for any Speakers that will be a part of the event. (Note: speakers do not need to have an account on RippleMatch).

  7. Set the Visibility of your event based on if your event should be Public on your company page, or if it should be Private to only candidates you invite to RSVP. Let us know if you want RippleMatch will automatically market your event to candidates based on their profile and algorithm that you want to build.

  8. Add any Cover Photo from the available selection or upload your own.

  9. Set the Event Owner to whomever is the lead recruiter on the event. This will not effect access to the event by your entire team.

  10. Set the Event RSVP Limit if you want to limit the number of candidates.

  11. Set Automated Reminder Emails set to ‘On’ if you’d like a reminder email to be sent from RippleMatch 24 hours before the event, and then again 15 minutes before.

  12. Submit!

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