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How do I build an algorithm for my event?
How do I build an algorithm for my event?
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When you select the option for RippleMatch to help market your event to its candidates, you will be prompted to complete an algorithm before publishing your event. If your event is Public, or Private with the Automated Marketing turned on, the 'Algorithm' section will appear for you. Your algorithm is essential to ensuring the best-fit candidates on RippleMatch see your event.

Once your event is published, any candidate that fits your criteria will be matched to your event and will have the option to RSVP. The algorithm will kick in one week before your event as a way to help boost the reach of your event, and supplement the marketing and promoting that your team is already doing with your own network.

Based on the visibility of your event you should build an algorithm geared towards candidates you are interested in meeting, or whose background aligns with the information that will be covered during your event.

As you're setting up your event, on the left-hand side of the screen you will be prompted to input the details of who you are looking to invite to the event.

You will fill out each category, and are only required to put in what information is important to you for this specific event. If one of these categories is not relevant to the event, you can leave it blank. The less requirements you input, the wider net you will be casting to meet a higher volume of candidates.

Once you have input everything from Education to Work Authorization, you will be brought to the 'Boosters' section. This is where you are able to tell the algorithm how heavily it should be weighing certain categories and how important they are to you. Using the different toggles will allow you to differentiate what is a 'nice to have' (i.e., preference for a candidate to have, but not a hard requirement), verses what is a 'must have' (i.e., something that a candidate must have in order to be matched with your event).

You can come back and edit your algorithm at any point leading up to your event.

Reminder: You do not need to input a response to every field. Try skipping details that are not relevant to your event at first to keep the search high level!

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