When you select the option for RippleMatch to market your event to candidates to be turned on, building your algorithm is essential for both public events and private events.

Based on the visibility of your event you should build an algorithm geared towards candidates you are interested in meeting.

For events that are hosted by you (not career fairs or conferences), after the event itself is created on RippleMatch select the β€˜Edit’ button.

event management page

On the left-hand side of the screen start inputting the details of who you are looking to invite to the event. Adding in this information will save the filters when sourcing candidates to invite them to the event.

We suggest that you cast a wider net and not add too many restrictive filters but for some events, really honing in, and being super specific is necessary.

This is why, in addition to the ability to set preferences, you can also define these more in the "Boosters" section and Must Have Filters at the end.

list of filters to source for candidates you want at an event

Tip: You do not need to input a response to every field. Try skipping internships, career types, clubs, skills, and values at first to keep the search high level!

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