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How To Use Source to Invite Attendees To An Event
How To Use Source to Invite Attendees To An Event
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Sourcing Directly Through RippleMatch

To Source candidates for your event in for a virtual event, please follow the below steps. You should begin sourcing for your event 2-3 weeks prior.

Tip: set an alert in your calendar to remind you to begin sourcing and inviting candidates to your event.

  • Select ”Source” button under the event details. This will show you a list of all candidates who meet the criteria of the algorithm that you set on the event. Check out this article on how to build an algorithm for your event.

  • Select “Filter” to make any changes to the search (i.e., hard filter diversity). This will update your search and further filter candidates for you.

There are two ways to invite the sourced candidates to your invite.

  1. Select “Auto-Invite” to choose the number of candidates that you would like to email. All candidates will automatically receive an email inviting them to your event.

  2. Invite specific candidates by selecting the "Invite to Event" button. A new modal will appear for you to send an email to the candidate, inviting them to RSVP to your event. You can customize the email or use the pre-populated template. The tag {{application_webhooks}} will automatically include a button for the candidate to RSVP for the event through RippleMatch.

Automated Marketing through RippleMatch

Public Events will be automatically marketed to good-fit candidates in the RippleMatch talent network based on the algorithm you created.

We still encourage customers to externally market their events, but this supplements your efforts.

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