Firstly, congrats on getting an interview, which is a huge achievement in itself!

We have sent along an interview prep email, which is customized for each company to provide additional details on the process - make sure you read through that email first.

However, here are some basic interview tips you can use for any company:

1. Do your research

  1. Look up your interviewer on LinkedIn

    • What is their title is and what are their responsibilities?

  2. Read through the company website and LinkedIn

    • Be prepared to talk about how their mission and values align with your own!

  3. Check Glassdoor and/or Reddit

    • Learn more about the company’s interview process and hear from other applicants

  4. Finally, read through the job description again

    • What would your responsibilities be and what type of candidate are they looking for

2. Sell yourself & be enthusiastic

  1. Identify your strengths in relation to the role

    • Make sure to share your accomplishments, skills, and why you are the best candidate for this position!

  2. Tell a story

    • Don’t read your resume like a speech! You should talk about your previous experiences and how they will help you succeed in this new role.

  3. Show excitement about the organization

    • Talk about your excitement for the role and company that make you want to work there! Think culture, mission, social impact, etc.

  4. If this is your dream job, let them know

    • Companies love to hear that you are excited about their jobs!

3. If you don’t know, ask!

  1. Prepare at least 3 questions to ask the interviewer

    • This will show you care to learn more about the company and the role and will display your interest

    • We have some great examples here

  2. Ask questions about the role

    • What is the level of responsibility? Who will you be working with? What the team looks like? etc.

  3. Ask questions about the company

    • Who is on the leadership team? How do they make company-wide decisions? etc.

  4. Ask questions about the Important Stuff

    • Think salary range, start date, and benefits, and more!

  5. Take notes!

    • If you make it to the next round you’ll want to remember what the recruiter told you about the position and any follow up questions you may have based on your first interview

4. Always follow up!

  1. Send a note to your interviewer within 24 hours of the interview

    • A thoughtful and reflective thank you is one of the best ways to turn a "maybe" into a "yes"!

      • *RM Pro tip alert*: if you can’t find the contact information of your interviewer, add them on LinkedIn with your message as the note, & send a thank you note to your recruiter - it’s better than nothing!

  2. Summarize the good

    • Make sure to once again highlight your strengths in relation to the role, as well as your passion for the company in general!

  3. Add something you learned from your interviewer!

    • Make sure to mention a few things you took away from the interview and found interesting! This can be about anything from the role to the company or culture.

  4. Express thanks for the interview

    • Regardless of the outcome, every interview is a great opportunity to practice, learn more, and build more professional connections.

Furthermore, we have some great tips and advice on our website on the job hunting process available here!

Good luck, we're rooting for you!!

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