When creating your event, if you’ve opted to have RippleMatch help market your event to candidates on the platform, you will need to complete an algorithm. Filling out the details of this algorithm will ensure that the right candidates are being matched to your event! You have the option to create an algorithm from scratch, as well as copy an algorithm that you’ve already created for a role or event on RippleMatch.

Whether you are looking to promote your event to candidates who are a good fit for an open role that you are looking to fill, or you want to host an event multiple times with the same target audience, this is the perfect solution.

  1. Select "Copy & edit existing algorithm"

  2. Select if you’d like to copy from a Role or an Event

  3. From the drop-down, select the exact role or event you’d like to copy from

  4. Follow through each category of the Algorithm until you get to the Must-Have Filter section, where you can toggle on the categories that you’d like to be exclusive or not.

    Tip: When completing your algorithm, you do not need to fill out every single detail, it’s okay to leave some sections blank!

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