Private Communities allow your team to segment candidates from your larger talent community (All Candidates) based on specific criteria (i.e major, graduation year, etc). These communities will only be visible to your team unless a tracking link to join is shared with candidates directly.

  1. Log into RippleMatch and select the Communities Section from the blue navigation bar

  2. Select “New+” on the left side of the page

  3. Start by filling in “Communities Basics”

    • Input “Community Title”

    • Community Owner

    • Community Description

  4. Confirm visibility is set to “Private”

  5. Allow the cover photo to load and continue

    1. Note - candidates will only see the cover photo if a link to the community is shared with them; in most cases, the cover photo for a private community will not be seen.

  6. Set how candidates will be added to this Community

    • Manual add only - you will hand select each candidate in the community

    • Auto-Add Qualified - candidates with a 70% community fit score or higher will be added on a rolling basis

    • Auto-Add Great fit - candidates with a 85% community fit score or higher will be added on a rolling basis

  7. Algorithm - Define the criteria for ideal candidates within this Community, so RippleMatch can score candidates and add those who align with your preferences! If a particular category is not relevant for the community, you can leave it blank and proceed to the next.

    1. Note - An algorithm should be skipped for “Manual add only” Communities. Algorithms are intended for Auto-Add Qualified or Auto-Add Great Fit Communities.

      • Schools * - indicate any schools you want to focus on in this community, as well as your ideal school tier

      • Majors & Degree Type * - indicate relevant majors & desired degree type

      • Internships - select relevant internship experience

      • Career Types - select relevant career types that align with the community

      • Clubs - select relevant club types that align with the community

      • Skills - Enter skills, keywords, or phrases which are relevant to the Community. The algorithm will scan through candidates resumes and prioritize those who match with one or more of these phrases

      • Values - Indicate what candidates should most value in a company and the traits that best fit this community

      • Diversity * - Indicate if candidates who identify with groups that are underrepresented in your company should be prioritized for the community you are creating

      • Boosters - Define how important each parameter is for your community to optimize your algorithm

      • Must-Have Filters - Set qualifications that all members of a community must meet in order to be added

        * indicates criteria that can be set as a hard filter for the community - this means each member of the community MUST meet this requirement to be added

  8. Select “Create Community” to finalize your selections

  9. Your new Community will open once complete!

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