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What testing protocols are used to test an ATS integration?

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The following documentation provides a high-level overview of the testing protocols to ensure a successful ATS integration. Please note that the subsequent information is subject to change based on your specific implementation details and any changes in RippleMatch’s technology and implementation process.

What setup is required to test the integration?

In order to test an ATS integration, we will need to generate integration credentials within your ATS. While we are able to set this up directly in your production environment, we have a number of customers who prefer to set up the initial integration in their sandbox environment and we are happy to support this for testing purposes.

The credentials that must be generated vary by ATS. Please see the below ATS-specific Set Up Guides to understand which and how integration credentials should be created.

  • Our Greenhouse integration article can be accessed here.

  • Our Lever integration article can be accessed here.

  • Our WorkDay integration article can be accessed here.

  • Our SmartRecruiters integration article can be accessed here.

  • Our iCIMS integration article can be accessed here.

Once the integration credentials are generated, you can provide those credentials to your RippleMatch Solutions Architect, who will then set up the integration on the RippleMatch platform.

Then, we will create a test role on RippleMatch which will be populated with a number of test candidates. Lastly, we will need to identify a test role within your ATS environment that we can send a test candidate to.

How will you initiate the integration test?

Once the setup has been completed, your RippleMatch Solutions Architect will complete the integration workflow and push test candidate(s)into the pre-identified ATS requisition. Once the integration is complete, customers are requested to validate that the candidate is present in their ATS instance, assigned to the correct requisition, and confirm that all required data points are present and mapped correctly.

What candidate information is expected to sync over?

The candidate information that we push from RippleMatch into an ATS includes the following fields:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Phone number (optional)

  • URL (a link to the candidates RippleMatch page)

  • Resume/Portfolio (optional)

  • Diversity/EEO Data (optional, includes ethnicity, gender, veteran, and disability status)

    • This feature is only available for Greenhouse and Workday

How long does it take to set up and test an ATS integration?

In order to set up an ATS integration, we will need to work with someone from your team who has admin rights to your ATS. It typically takes 30-40 minutes to generate the integration credentials. From there your RippleMatch Solutions Architect will push a candidate into your ATS which should only take a few minutes to sync over. Lastly, once the candidate has been synced into your ATS, you will need to verify that you can see the candidate in addition to their candidate information.

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