Integrating CodeSignal

In order to set up your CodeSignal integration, you will need to do X things:

The steps below will walk you through the process necessary to successfully complete your Greenhouse integration.

Step 1: Generate an API Key

Log in to CodeSignal and navigate to the Client Dashboard. Then, select your user icon in the top-right corner and click on Integrations.

Select API Keys from the menu on the left-hand side.

Then, click Add a Key and add 'RippleMatch Integration' in the description field.

Next, add all permissions to your key and click Save to see the following screen:

Then, copy the new API Key to share with your RippleMatch team.

Step 2: Generate a Webhook

Navigate to the Integrations section again. Then, click Add a Webhook.

Next, select the following Event Types:

  • certificationResultPending

  • certificationResultShared

  • certificationResultNotCertified

  • certificationRequestExpired

  • certificationRequestExpired

  • certificationResultRejected

Then, add the following endpoint:

Next, select the option to Add a Header and fill in the fields as follows:

  • Field #1: User-Agent

  • Field #2: Codesignal-<company_name>

Then, click the Test button next to the Endpoint field.

If the test is successful, you will see the following message:

Next, click Create.

To enable this for specific role(s), please notify your RippleMatch team of the role(s) you would like to enable this integration for.

Once the API Key and the Webhooks are provided to your RippleMatch team, we will set up a test role with those credentials and a test candidate to test and ensure a successful integration.

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