How to Create a Public Community
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Public Communities allow you to have the RippleMatch talent pool to opt-in organically to your Communities.

Unlike Private Communities, Public Communities will be visible to candidates on your Company Branded Page. As a best practice, we recommend maintaining one Public Community, so it is easy for candidates to identify and opt in! When Communities is activated, a Public Community will be enabled automatically. You are welcome to make updates at any time!

  1. Log into RippleMatch and select the Communities Section from the blue navigation bar

  2. Select “New+” on the left side of the page

  3. Start by filling in “Communities Basics”

    • Input “Community Title”

    • Select "Community Owner"

    • Input "Community Description"

  4. Confirm visibility is set to “Public”

  5. Allow the cover photo to load and continue

    1. Note - this will be visible to candidates when opting into the community!

  6. Set how candidates will be added to this Community

    • Manual add only is recommended for Public Communities, since candidates will be opting in on their own!

  7. Algorithm

    1. Note - An algorithm should be skipped for “Manual add only” Communities. Algorithms are intended for Auto-Add Qualified or Auto-Add Great Fit Communities.

  8. Select “Create Community” to finalize your selections

  9. Your new Community will open once complete and will be visible on your Company Branded Page!

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