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Our CodeSignal Integration allows you to automate sending candidates their research-backed and predictive technical skills assessment and then view those scores on the candidate card in RippleMatch, centralizing your workflow and automating the tedious task of sending the assessment and compiling the scores of top applicants.

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Here’s how the RippleMatch + CodeSignal integration works:

  1. On RippleMatch, identify which candidates you’d like to bring into your hiring process.

  2. Advance the candidate (in RippleMatch) to the assessment stage.

  3. A CodeSignal Pre-Screen is triggered, and the candidate receives an email containing a link to complete the General Coding Framework, the skills evaluation framework that is designed by subject matter experts to measure the skills of early career talent

  4. Once completed and verified, the results are sent automatically to RippleMatch, and can be viewed in the candidate’s profile

  5. The results are then filterable in RippleMatch and you will be able to filter above your coding assessment threshold in combination with RippleMatch’s other powerful filters

This means you can:

  • Cast a wider net to reach more candidates

  • Spend less time conducting first-round technical interviews

  • Streamline the recruiting process by working out of one central system

Note: Currently RippleMatch only supports the General Coding Assessment (GCA) Certified Test from CodeSignal.

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