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Non-Recruiter Events User Guide
Non-Recruiter Events User Guide

This guide is for RippleMatch Users who log in to the platform solely for the purpose of using the RippleMatch Events product.

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RippleMatch Events is your all-in-one events management solution. This product allows all stakeholders (recruiters, event coordinators, and more) to seamlessly track & manage attendees at an event that you’re attending or hosting.

Below we are sharing the most common step-by-step process for anyone who is new to RippleMatch that is not a recruiter but will be representing your team/company at an event to consider.

If your goal is to check in attendees, take notes and assess potential candidates as you meet them-- this guide is for you it has two parts, Before Your Event and Day of Your Event

Before Your Event

  • Make sure you are ready to Log In with a User Account so you're ready for the Day of Your Event. If you do not already have a login, please reach out to a recruiter with admin privileges on your team for help creating one

    💡 Here is our help article Adding New Users in RippleMatch

  • Make a plan with your team of how you will check in candidates based on available resources/format of the event. For instance, if you won't have WiFi, Importing a CSV will be the best way to collect that information

    • If you're using a tablet device like an iPad be sure that the device and web browser app is updated to the latest version available before your event

    We have tips below about which check in option is best, but check out our article: How do candidates check-in to my events? How does RippleMatch track attendance? for more granular information about each option.

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Options to Check In Attendees:

  1. Check in Candidates myself

    1. This may be the best option if your event is in a 1:1 setting (virtual or in person)

    2. First name, last name, and email are required fields and you can take a picture of their resume if they have one on hand

  2. Candidates to check in themselves

    1. Best for larger group settings or if you want the attendees to check themselves in using a QR code on their phone

    2. Tip: You can print out the QR code or make it the background of your phone for an in-person event, or share the link in the chat tool of a virtual event

  3. Candidates to check in using: This Device or Other Device

    1. Best for in-person events where you've brought you own device where you can have candidates check themselves in on a tablet, iPad, or computer

  4. Import CSV of Attendees after event

    1. If you do not have WiFi available for your event, you can keep track of candidates who you've met (First Name, Last Name, and Email address) and import them into your event afterwards

    2. Take a look at our Event Imports Guide

      1. Tip: Ask the organization/school if they have a list of registrants for you to import into your event. Share this document with the recruiters on your team to import for you

      2. Best option if you have no WiFi available

Day of Your Event

  1. Find your event in RippleMatch from the list view, then click "View Event" button

  2. Check-in attendees as you meet them based on the strategy chosen in the section below: Before Your Event

    Screen Recording 2022-08-10 at 10.50.59 AM

  3. Assess candidates (Optional)

    1. You have the ability to take notes on candidates and assess them in real time while you're logged in on RippleMatch. Here is our article: How to Take Notes/Assess Candidates

      1. While optional, it is very beneficial to Take Notes, Assess Fit, & Assign Candidates to Potential Roles to help your team centralize all the information about attendees

  4. After a candidate is checked in, do not send emails or applications without explicit approval from your team

    1. Reach out to your team and confirm once you’re done with your check-ins, notes, and assessment so they can complete the follow-ups

Some steps may be changed for your company and workflow but this is the general "how-to" for Events Only users on the RippleMatch Platform - always consult with your team for the best strategy!

We have many articles you can view in our Events FAQs if you're a curious cat like us 🐱

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