Salary transparency laws are codified in certain states and cities that require a pay range to be listed on the job posting. This can mean companies that have employees in states with these laws or are marketing jobs to candidates in these states with laws must provide salary transparency where their jobs are listed and other stipulations.

💡 Not sure if your company is required to comply with salary transparency laws?

We recommend you reach out to your lawyer or legal counsel to verify. GoodHire has a great overview of what states & cities have current laws on the books, what they require, and pending states looking to adopt similar laws.

How To Include Payment Information to Candidates in RippleMatch:

If your company is creating policies internally to remain in compliance with salary transparency laws, we have you covered!

This is how and where you enter your public salary information in RippleMatch:

  • Navigate to the Roles Section then select the Role you want to enter the information

  • Select "Edit" which will open the Basics section

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Basics section & you will see How is this role paid?

  • Select from Hourly, Salary, or Stipend

  • Fill in the fields that populate with your pay range

  • Select "Yes, display salary ranges to candidates" to the "Should we display the salary to candidates" question.

  • Select "Save and Close"

Please note, this is not a global setting and will need to be edited for each Role that must be in compliance. If you're setting up new roles this can be done at the time of creation.

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