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Email Support and Our Philosophy
Email Support and Our Philosophy

If you're hoping for RippleMatch's phone number or way to get in touch, this article is for you!

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RippleMatch's software is robust and agile to help fit into many different companies' internal workflow policies surrounding recruitment and hiring. We understand that your hiring practices and strategies surrounding the processes are unique to your brand and so we have built a product that can be flexible with you.

This is why email support is our standard approach to get you the best help possible should you encounter an issue while using RippleMatch. Email support gives us the resources needed to research your unique setup using RippleMatch and help you with the most articulate and helpful responses and solutions.

We do not offer phone support for RippleMatch, although should an issue need to be escalated or researched further in-depth we will not leave you hanging. Customer Success Managers can schedule video conferencing sessions and our Support Team also has the ability to schedule these as they make sense in finding a solution.

If you need to reach RippleMatch Support and you're a recruiter, head to the top right portion of your screen and select the question mark icon. Then navigate to the Contact Support button:

If you're a candidate, reach out to for any email support you may need.

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