After each hiring season, your Customer Success Manager will ask for a spreadsheet of the candidates you have extended offers to and hired in your season so we can cross reference it with our data for you to make sure all your hard work this season is reflected in RippleMatch.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this process.

What information do you need?
This spreadsheet(s) should include the people you extended offers to and hired across the roles represented in RippleMatch and it is used to align your data in RippleMatch with your Application Tracking System data.

You can send us:

  • full export from your roles in the ATS and we will do the legwork for you, respecting your data to the utmost standards

  • export from your roles in the ATS with only names, emails, role titles, etc

Alternatively, we can send you a full list of candidates introduced through Ripple Match for your team to cross-reference with your ATS data. If this route is best for your company, your Customer Success Manager can send you the list of candidates.

💡 You can learn how to Prepare a Hiring Cross-Reference List here

How often will I send these spreadsheets?

Like most things with RippleMatch, this is dependent upon your workflow but typically these are requested after a hiring season ends, for most of our customers, that is two times a year but if you have more consistent hiring it may be more frequent.

How do you use this data?
We only use this data to cross-reference with your data in RippleMatch to make sure all people accepted for a role are in the right stage, then the exports are deleted.

The story of the data (like if all accepted candidates were in the right stage, or if we needed to manually move some, etc) is also used for your internal team to help strategize with your team for the upcoming seasons.

How to prepare a Offers/Hired Cross-Reference spreadsheet to send to us:

  1. Pull up both the file we sent over that includes all RippleMatch candidates + your internal file of confirmed hires

    1. Copy the list of candidates from our Excel file and paste it into the bottom of your internal list of hires, or vice versa

  2. This new list now includes all of the RippleMatch candidates + your hires, you will now highlight the relevant columns, select “Conditional Formatting” > “Highlight Cells Rules” > “Duplicate Values”

    1. Everything appearing in Red is a duplicate, meaning it is a match with the list of our candidates and your list of hires

  3. After highlighting the duplicates, we’ll need to clean the data a bit. You can once again highlight both relevant columns

    1. Find the Sort & Filter button at the top and select “Filter”

    2. Select the dropdown arrow in the filtered column that includes the duplicate values, under Filter, select “By color”, Cell color “Rose”. This will now only include the duplicate values.

    3. Create a new tab in the Excel file, copy all of the highlighted cells and paste it into the tab you just created

  4. Within the new tab, we need to clean it up further and officially remove the duplicate values. To do so:

    1. Highlight both columns and select the Data tab at the top

    2. In the upper right side of the screen, you’ll see a button that will allow you to remove the duplicates that looks like this:

    3. Select this button, select the relevant columns, which will most likely be all of the columns, and select “Ok”

    4. This will remove the duplicates and leave a clean list of RippleMatch candidates that were confirmed hires based on your internal records

  5. We’re almost done! This cleaned list in the new tab is all we need

    1. Next, you need to send it back to us. You can remove any unnecessary tabs or anything including confidential/internal data. All we need is the cleaned list that we set up.

    2. Once you send it back, we’ll reflect the hires in our platform and all of the data will be up to date!

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