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User Guide: How do I use RippleMatch to manage career fairs/conferences I'm attending?
User Guide: How do I use RippleMatch to manage career fairs/conferences I'm attending?
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RippleMatch Events Tool is the best way to:

  • manage & track candidates that you meet at the event

  • centralize their data in one location

  • follow up with applications or emails

Your goal for using RippleMatch Events is to check in attendees so you can capture who has attended your session! You can capture attendance, take notes in real-time, follow up via email or send candidates specific applications based on their interests and backgrounds.

Click here to skip to the setup guide or read along for more about the Events Platform.

Any event hosted externally from your company, virtual or in-person, is fully supported. These events include Career Fairs, Conferences, Symposiums, University Info Sessions/Panels - essentially any event where you are registering and will be meeting attendees but are not in charge of coordinating platforms or RSVPs.

For each career fair, you can see the quantitative ROI that you will need to bring to your stakeholders. You can understand your candidate attendee base, measure the impact and success of each event, see which events garner diverse candidates, or even which recruiter on the team is most successful at their event.

No longer will you have piles of attendees' resumes, notes tracked across multiple spreadsheets or follow-up emails that need to be sent to attendees one at a time (many of whom inadvertently fall through the cracks).

RippleMatch’s Events Tool will be your central hub for events, candidates, communications, and analytics.

Let's get started with some guides on how to set up your event!

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